Choosing The Best Puppy


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Dr. Carmen Battaglia has gained worldwide recognition, most notably for the program with seminars he developed on “Breeding Better Dogs“. In this highly informative video, Dr. Battaglia discusses key points that help breeders select their best puppies from any litter.

Did you ever wonder why most of the dogs that WIN aren’t owned by their breeders? They have not learned HOW to choose the best puppy~

Experience is a good teacher because you learn from your mistakes.

Breeders who learn as they go know what to look for even in these small versions of what will be. Too many puppies are selected based on their expression, personality, color, coat texture or size. Each of these traits gives them a special appeal but these traits alone are not enough.

Breeders and buyers need to consider health, temperament and conformation as a package in choosing their pups.

This highly recommended 20 minute video serves as a guide for dog buyers, breeders and exhibitors with easy-to-use principles of selection.

With slow-motion and illustrations you can expect to:

  • Rank quality within a litter
  • Recognize show verses pet qualities
  • Minimize judgment errors
  • Reduce financial risk

Don’t pass up the opportunity to pick one of the GREAT ONES !

BONUS! Early Neurological Stimulation. Breeders can learn how to stimulate their puppies using five easy exercises. They begin on the 3rd day of life and end on the 16th day of life. All breeds can benefit from these stimulating exercises.

The demonstration shows how to stimulate newborn pups starting at 3 days of age and how to choose the best puppies.

This is important because a study showed that breeders were wrong more than 60% of the time when they tried to pick the best puppy.

Learn how to change the odds and be right. As a bonus, it also includes a demo showing how to stimulate your pups neurological system.