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Showsight Magazine March 2020 Issue

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Cover: GCHS GCH Tamarin Tattoo

42 Message From The Publisher
AJ Arapovic

68 In The Best Of Health
Dan Sayers

88 Breed Education: It Starts With You
Celeste M. Gonzalez

96 Lines From Linda
Linda Ayers Turner Knorr

114 The Sport Of Dogs
Andrea Bradford

132 Breeder Interview:Michael Brantley
Allan Reznik

136 Form Follows Function: Part 16
Stephanie Hedgepath

142 On The Line
Bj Andrews

146 Becoming
Jacquelyn Fogel

152 Is Breed Type Becoming Extinct?
Walter Sommerfelt

178 I’ve Had It
Arlene Czech

179 Westminster Kennel Club
Various Guests

202 The Sporting Group
Various Guests

241 The Afghan Hound
Various Guests

263 The Beauceron
Various Guests

267 The Bergamasco Sheepdog
Various Guests

278 The Cesky Terrier
Various Guests

294 The American Eskimo
Various Guests

308 A Special Tribute To Joseph Neil McGinnis III
Various Guests

328 Coming Attractions

330 Index To Advertisers


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