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Table of Contents: Showsight Magazine, November 2019

Cover: NBISS BIS MRBIS MBISS GCHG Silverlake’s There’s No Business Like Show Business CGCA, TKA

42 Message From The Publisher

AJ Arapovic

44 Showsight From The Executive Editor Emeritus

Joseph Neil McGinnis III

50 On The Line

BJ Andrews

62 From Excellent To Poor, What’s Your Take On Rating The Dogs In The Competition?

Walter Sommerfelt

98 Form Follows Function Part 12

Stephanie Hedgepath

126 Breed Education

Celeste M. Gonzalez

138 Rescue, Stud Dogs, Bird Breeders Are In The Same Boat, And More

Michelle Scott

158 Becoming

Jacquelyn Fogel

168 Conformation Dog Show Judges Part 2 — Where Are We Now?

Dr. Andrea Bradford

174 Lines From Linda

Linda Ayers Turner Knorr

188 Showsight Interviews

Allan Reznik

212 Who’s Running The Show?

Wayne Ferguson

230 American Kennel Club Breeders Of The Year 2019

252 Devon & Hatboro Dog Show Candids

Photos By Jean Edwards

258 Clan Culture

Dan Sayers

261 Owner Handler Association Of America, Inc.

264 Montgomery County Kennel Club 2019 Candids

Photos By Beverly Norris And Joe McGinnis

272 Looking Back Through Linda’s Lens

Linda Ayers Turner Knorr

278 The Hand Of The Breeder…

Author Unknown

282 In Honor Or Breeders

Catherine Blatz

286 When The Owner Takes The Lead

Various Guest Experts

306 The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Various Guest Experts

330 The Norwich Terrier

Various Guest Experts

337 The Labrador Retriever

Various Guest Experts

351 The Great Pyrenees

Various Guest Experts

365 The Lhasa Apso

Various Guest Experts

368 Coming Attractions

370 Index To Advertisers


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