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What is a Recognized Hound Color?

Two different colored Basset Hound puppies

Basset Hound Color: Any recognized hound color is acceptable and the distribution of color and markings is of no importance.

And honestly, folks, that’s all they wrote! There is no list of colors in the AKC Basset Hound Breed Standard, and no fault, serious fault, or disqualifications assigned to color.

In their Encyclopedia of K-9 Terminology, Edward and Patricia Gilbert assert that references to “recognized hound color” as used in the Basset Standard, or “true hound color” as used in the Beagle Standard, refers to “hound color is identified in the English Foxhound Standard as black, white and tan or any combination of these three, or any combination of the various ‘pies’ composed of white and the color of the hare and badger or yellow or tan.

They go on to say, “Any breed developed in England that uses the term hound color or true hound color is referring to the color of the English Foxhound.

Basset Hound Colors

It’s true that the classic Basset marking most featured in art of Bassets is a blanket tri-color, typically with a black blanket over brown on the body and head, with a white chest, belly and legs/socks. But this is far from the only acceptable color, and some of those colors would go beyond the colors identified in the encyclopedia.

They include Bassets that are almost completely a deep mahogany in color, and Bassets very heavily ticked in black and white with only minimal brown points over the eyes, on their cheeks, and around the base of the tail, with an overall color that is quite reminiscent of a Bluetick Coonhound. And true lemon Basset Hounds, which are fairly rare but correct in color, have only subtle, pale yellow color markings on largely white coats.

Blue Bassets appear from time to time, a dilute form of tri-color. They are rarely seen in the show ring. There is a French breed called the Basset Bleu de Gascone, recognized by the FCI. This is a distinct breed from the Basset Hound and is not a “blue” Basset, despite the name.

Basset Bleu de Gascone are described in the FCI Breed Standard as “entirely mottled (black and white) giving a slate blue effect.” However, this is not a “Blue Basset,” which is a dilute form of tri-colors due to a recessive gene. No hound explicitly accepts a blue dilute coloration, so this is one of the few colors that I would consider as not being a recognized hound color.



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