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Don’t Get Lost In The Other Magazines, Be Found In Top Notch Toys!

Top Notch Toys magazine


Toy dogs are more than special, they are fabulous show dogs, wonderful companions to loving owners, outstanding service dogs and protectors. They think they are the size of a Doberman or Rottie with a bark that alerts the entire household. That is one big bark!

Toys are smart, clever, funny, demanding, darling, delightful and totally terrific. Our wonderful Toys are also in a very competitive group and are strong competition in the Best In Show Ring. Yeah for Group Five!

I’m hoping the readers of Top Notch Toys magazine will email me old photos for publication in a future issue. I’d like to have a couple pages of win pictures, famous dogs of the past, famous people from years ago, including handlers and judges. There is no criteria except they be Toy dogs and the photos will print well. Email me anytime at: [email protected].

How many of you check out our Facebook page? All ads are posted during the month of publication so you can share with interested people in and out of the country plus the entire magazine is online at no cost to readers so your ads gain a lot of exposure worldwide. Check out our website: where you can see complete issues starting with 2013. Review previous ads, read earlier articles and even check stats from that month and year.

A new exhibitor asked me for advice on how to move forward in dogs and questioned why some breeders and show people have more than one breed. There was a time I felt strongly if you specialized in your particular breed, truly studied and focused exclusively on that breed, it would lead to greater success.

That theory does work to a degree, but to truly learn about dogs you will benefit by becoming familiar with other breeds not necessarily Toys because you will pick up wisdom from a wider group of friends and exhibitors. If you have the opportunity go to different parts of the country to look at your breed and others. Pay attention to the strengths and weaknesses in that geographic area. Judges see it every time they leave a local area and you should too.

As a former AKC judge and successful owner handler with years of experience in all aspects of the dog world, I’m here to help you. Together we can create winning ads, plan effective campaigns and show off your new champions as well as your Group and Best in Show winners. Representation in TNT gets the word out and lets the fancy know about your success. Top Notch Toys is a collectable magazine that belongs on your coffee table!

Won’t you join us? Email or call me to discuss advertising and be sure you stop by our booth at the AKC Royal Canin show or see me ringside at this exciting and wonderful show. This is the perfect place to purchase gifts for your dog-loving friends and check out the many, many booths.

HAPPY HOLIDAYS and have a winning 2020! Remember, inquiring minds want to know. See you soon!


[email protected]