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Toy Talk Etcetera | The Terrific Toy Dogs of TNT

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Toy Talk Etcetera – The Terrific Toy Dogs of TNT

All of us love our breed (or breeds in Group Five) and we love to support local all-breed clubs and national parent clubs. And we celebrate every single one in every single issue of Top Notch Toys.

Our wonderful Toys are also in a very competitive Group and are strong competition in the Best In Show Ring. Check out the ratings published in Top Notch Toys each month.

Toy dogs are more than special. They are fabulous show dogs, wonderful companions to loving their owners, outstanding service and therapy dogs, and protectors of their homes. They think they are much bigger than any large breed, with a sometimes-big bark. They are smart, clever, funny, spoiled, darling, delightful, and totally terrific! What would we do without our small and smaller four-legged friends?

If you are one of the “old guard” who used to write a breed column for the AKC Gazette, I would love to hear from you. Would you like to submit an article for Top Notch Toys or send photos showing Toy dog history for publication in our Toys-only magazine? I’m sure you have some stories that we would all enjoy hearing; and I know some of you are still out there judging and/or showing.

Does your breed have a publication or newsletter? I’m very familiar with some, but let me hear from you. My goal is to promote Toy dogs with comprehensive articles, and continue to make “TNT” even more important in the world of Toys. Remember, you WILL be found in Top Notch Toys. We have a Facebook page where all of our ads are found online for everyone to see. Many breeders and exhibitors outside the US look at Facebook, and they comment on the dogs—and the wins.

A new exhibitor asked me for some advice on how to move forward in dogs, and questioned why some breeders and show people have more than one breed. There was a time when I felt strongly that if you specialized in your particular breed, truly studied, and focused on that breed, it would lead to success. This works to a large degree, but to truly learn about dogs, you will benefit from becoming knowledgeable about other breeds, inside and out of the Toy Group. You will pick up bits and pieces of wisdom from a wider group of friends and exhibitors. Try and exhibit in different parts of the country, looking at your breed with an eye to the strengths and weaknesses in that geographical area. Judges see it every time they leave the local area, and you should too.

As a former judge and successful owner-handler with years of experience in all aspects of the dog world, I’m here to help you. Together, we can create winning ads, plan effective campaigns, and show-off your new champions as well as your Group and Best in Show Winners. Representation in TNT gets the word out and it lets the fancy know about your success. Everyone has a budget, and I can work within your guidelines. Let’s talk!

Enjoy the upcoming Spring flowers, the excitement of the shows, and the return of gorgeous weather. Have a winning year and, remember, inquiring minds want to know. So, call me!