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Bonneville Basin Kennel Association Red Carpet Junior Showcase

Pictured above: Showcase winner, Ava Hata

Bonneville Basin Kennel Association was proud to host the first annual Red Carpet Junior Showcase September 17th in Farmington Utah. Not only was a junior competition being held, but there was a second ring for those not entered to practice more and gain the confidence to join future events. At the end of the competition, all exhibitors, from both rings, exited the building along a red carpet and balloons while their adoring fans cheered and waved! The after-event activities included pizza and a raffle where each armband received a prize. Prizes ranged from grooming bags to big ticket items like a new table!

Congrats to our winner of the showcase, Ava Hata for her expert handling and gracious acceptance of the win. Congrats to Harper Bogle for her Reserve Junior Handler win where she presented her dog to perfection. Our judge stated “Ava won due to her expertise in handling the type of breed she was presenting, and Harper got the reserve due to her smooth handling skills.”  Ava told us, “I have never seen a club put on an event like this. It was more fun than going to the Garden!”

BBKA would like to thank Nikki Bogle, Candi Hess and Kirstin Grazulis Christensen for organizing and running the event. We would also like to thank our judge, Laura Reeves for running the ring with expertise and kindness. And last, BBKA would like to thank all of those that supported the juniors through donations to make this a special event.

Look for the Red-Carpet Event next year!