Bred by Exhibitor | A Tough Job With a New Option

Bred by Exhibitor

Bred by Exhibitor | The AKC National Owner-Handled Series (NOHS) competition started off with a bang. Non-professional exhibitors took to this event immediately when it was introduced. Subsequently, the levels of achievement were added; Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Along came the AKC National Owner-Handled Series rankings, and finally, the National Owner-Handled Series Finals in Orlando, Florida. A fun and complete success.

As the number of conformation shows offering the NOHS increased, I noticed the number of Best Bred By Exhibitor competitions diminished. It did not happen all at once—but the signs were there.

To a serious, reputable breeder, the highlight of one’s dogdom career is to have researched a mating, tested the parents, successfully bred the dam and sire, whelped a litter, made one’s puppy selection, and socialized and trained a puppy, all by giving one or two hopefuls the tender-loving care they needed to thrive and succeed.

These are the many important steps in the circle of life that a breeder puts into a successful—hopefully top-winning—dog.

One of the greatest satisfactions for a breeder is to have achieved that breeding path without regret and to have accomplished the triumph of your own Bred-By in the winner’s circle—from beginning to end.

Thanks goes to our AKC Delegates. They have brought the Bred-By-Exhibitor (BBE) back into the limelight. The Delegate Dog Show Rules Committee has put forward to the Delegate Body the option for clubs to divide the BBE Class by age. This BBE group would be the same age group as the regular class age group: Puppy and 12–18-Month Classes. This would then divide the BBE Classes by age. No longer will all ages of the BBE entries have to be entered into a one-lump age group. In other words, a six-month-old BBE would not have to initially compete with an adult BBE in the same Class. Let me be very clear on this stipulation: This BBE age-class division is an option for clubs to offer and is not a requirement. The winners from these optional BBE Classes would be eligible for Winners Dog and/or Winners Bitch. The AKC Board of Directors has approved the new option, and the Delegate Body approved with a two-thirds vote.

As a breeder and a Delegate Member, I am pleased that we are endorsing breeders in their long journey from the whelping box to the winner’s circle.

One of the greatest satisfactions for a breeder is to have achieved that breeding path without regret and to have accomplished the triumph of your own Bred-By in the winner’s circle—from beginning to end.

  • Cecilia Resnick has been involved for many years with several breeds, including sighthounds, and is currently an AKC judge. She has also held various club positions such as Judges Education Coordinator, and Officer and Board of Director of a national club. Cecilia was introduced to Japanese Chin and became enamored with them, and she is captivated by their lively gait and endearing personalities. Cecilia has been involved in the Chin fancy and is a dedicated conformation showman and Chin breeder. She has been the AKC Breed Columnist for JCCA and a member of the Judges Education Committee. Cecilia is an Approved Breed Mentor and a Breeder of Merit for the Japanese Chin Club of America. She has chaired numerous committees for the Chin Club, assisting them in moving forward to achieve their future goals. She is honored to be designated the AKC Delegate for the Japanese Chin Club of America.

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