Breed History

Learn about breed history and origins of every AKC recognized purebred dog. Working with preservation breeders and dog breed parent clubs, Showsight Magazine is proud to share the rich history behind today’s top pedigrees. From their humble beginnings, through the most troubled war times the history of purebred dogs is as vast as it is fascinating. We hope you enjoy the insights and anecdotes we’ve gathered from the most honored and widely recognized voices in the purpose-bred, purebred dog community.

Do you have photos or stories to share about your beloved breed? Please send them to, or click this link to submit them online.

Black and white photo of Rhodesian Ridgeback puppies.

Why Own A Ridgeback?

Discover the Rhodesian Ridgeback breed's history, characteristics, and suitability as a pet in this ...

The Spirit of the Chihuahua

Experience the endearing Chihuahua spirit: a 30-year odyssey of loyalty, love, and unbreakable bonds ...

Norwegian Buhund standing on grass.

Overview of the Norwegian Buhund

Discover the rich history and versatile traits of Norwegian Buhunds – from viking companions ...

pug head photo

What is a Pug?

Discover the Pug's ancient origins and endearing qualities. From Chinese emperors to modern homes, ...

Giant Schnauzer standing in the field

The Giant Schnauzer – Origin & History

Explore the history, origin and characteristics of the Giant Schnauzer, a versatile breed hailed ...

Historic photo of a Boston Terrier

Boston Terrier Roots

Uncover the fascinating history and unique traits of the Boston Terrier. Discover its origins ...

Spinone Italiano, standing up and down on a mountainside, displaying the flexible two-segment topline and perpendicular and long hock-to-paw length.

From the Mountains to the Show Ring

Explore the origins and remarkable qualities of the Spinone Italiano, a hunting breed known ...

History of the German Spitz

Read about the origins and history of the German Spitz, one of the most ...

Spinone Italiano on the slopes of the Italian Alps

The Spinone Italiano – Its Past Is Its Present

Explore the history, features, and puzzle of the Spinone Italiano—a versatile hunting breed with ...


The Saluki Who Came Through Time

Explore the essence of the Saluki dog breed, preserving its moderate conformation and balanced ...

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