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DNA Testing Offers Possibilities for Dog Breeders & Puppy Buyers

George Sofronidis

DNA Testing Offers Possibilities for Dog Breeders & Puppy Buyers

“DNA testing isn’t just about uncovering problems; it’s about discovering possibilities. So, when it comes to genetic health, it’s not all doom and gloom—there’s also a lot of room for a brighter, healthier future!” —Genetic George

It looks like “Genetic George,” a devoted pet parent to Charlie, my wise-cracking Boston Terrier, and Mary, my ever-dignified Brussels Griffon, is back for another edition. I must have done something right. It can be a bit of a revelation to all my followers, much like realizing that Charlie’s different levels of snoring could probably score its own Spotify playlist. So, for my second piece, I gathered some key questions I was asked during my recent trip to the United States, where I walked around and talked with exhibitors at a major dog show event. Meeting with breeders and pet owners was a fantastic opportunity, allowing me to engage in insightful discussions about genetic testing and its benefits. Here’s a refined version that summarizes the experience.

Why do Orivet’s Purebred Dog Full Breed Profiles Matter for Preservation Breeders?

Having attended dog shows for over 20 years, and creating some great “traditional” friends, I’ve seen firsthand how genetics has changed the way breeders manage their breeding programs. Preservation, or traditional, breeders are those dedicated to maintaining the purity and health of specific breeds; who know that their work is more than just producing puppies—it’s about preserving heritage (pedigree), promoting health, and ensuring a sound temperament for any puppy buyer. That’s where Orivet’s Purebred Dog Full Breed Profile comes in.

For preservation breeders, Orivet’s Purebred Dog Full Breed Profile is the ultimate backstage pass to a dog’s genetic health makeup. This breed-specific comprehensive genetic analysis reveals detailed results for both diseases and traits specific to your breed. Genetic tests are selected based on scientific data (publications) and breed relevance. Together with the input of breed-specific health committees and the deep dive into statistical data, these profiles ensure that, as a breeder, you are testing for relevant genetic conditions.

Distinguishing Preservation Breeders from Backyard Breeders

This level of genetic insight helps to set preservation breeders apart from the backyard crowd—think of it as the difference between a bespoke tailor and a bargain bin at the mall. With Orivet’s Full Breed Profile, breeders can pinpoint and mitigate genetic diseases, much like how I try to manage Mary’s ambition to eat anything that fits in her mouth and doesn’t end up in her beard. The result? Healthier pups and a legacy of responsible breeding that’s as clear as Mary’s disapproval of rain on her walk day.

Offering Greater Value to Puppy Buyers

“For preservation breeders, Orivet’s Purebred Dog Full Breed Profile provides a comprehensive genetic analysis that goes beyond the basics. It offers detailed breed-specific results for both diseases and traits, allowing breeders to understand their breeding stock at a deeper level. This detailed knowledge empowers breeders to make informed decisions that enhance the value they offer to their puppy buyers.”

By providing this detailed genetic information, breeders can demonstrate to prospective puppy buyers that they are dedicated to their dogs’ health, temperament, and welfare. This transparency and commitment to quality set them apart from backyard breeders and those who breed purely for profit. Buyers can be assured that they are receiving a puppy from a pedigree line that has been carefully monitored and cared for.

Distinguishing Preservation Breeders from Backyard Breeders—How does having detailed results for both diseases and traits help?

The level of detail in Orivet’s Purebred Dog Full Breed Profile helps to distinguish preservation breeders from those who breed without proper knowledge or concern for genetic health. By identifying specific diseases and traits, breeders can work to eliminate harmful genetic conditions from their lines, promoting healthier, longer-living dogs. This is in stark contrast to backyard breeders who often lack the expertise and resources to conduct thorough genetic testing.

Choosing between a preservation breeder and the allure of a mixed breed from uncertain origins is like choosing between a GPS-guided tour and just wandering around, hoping you’ll find the right path. Puppy buyers who opt for breeders utilizing Full Breed Profiles not only ensure that they “walk” on a well-mapped genetic journey but also gain a health-backed guarantee, much like expecting Charlie to snore during quiet moments.

These breeders often provide ongoing support and guidance, much like how I continually reassure Mary that the vacuum cleaner isn’t a hair stripper. This level of commitment ensures puppy buyers are not just purchasing a pet; they’re gaining a family member with a clear health history and a sound temperament that’s as reliable as Mary’s appetite.

When breeders have access to this level of information, they can confidently explain to puppy buyers the steps they have taken to ensure the health and quality of their breeding lines.

Benefits for Puppy Buyers: Health, Support, and Peace of Mind —Mixed Breed (Rescue) Dog vs. Purebred from a Preservation Breeder

Puppy buyers have many options when choosing a new family member. They might be tempted by the lower cost of some mixed breed (rescue) dogs or puppies from unregulated sources. I have been privileged to own both types, and I will never forget or replace Norma, our rescue, a Jack Russell, Cattle Dog, Fox Terrier cross who had this great party trick where she could handstand while urinating. People would stop and take a video of this feat, a result of a female pup growing up in a litter of males is what I was told. However, buying from a preservation breeder who has invested in their dogs’ health and welfare through scientific validation offers significant benefits.

When a puppy buyer chooses a dog from a breeder using complete health testing (both genetic and veterinary schemes), they receive a level of assurance that the puppy comes from a healthy lineage. This reduces the risk of unexpected health issues and provides peace of mind. They purchase a dog of “sound temperament” based on the Breed StandardAdditionally, these breeders often offer ongoing support and guidance, helping new owners navigate the challenges of raising a puppy.

Choosing a puppy from a preservation breeder with a commitment to genetic health means buyers are investing in a companion who is more likely to live a long, healthy life. It also means supporting breeders who are working to preserve the integrity of specific breeds, ensuring that future generations can enjoy the unique qualities that make each breed special.

In summary, Orivet’s Purebred Dog Full Breed Profile is a game-changer for Preservation Breeders, offering a level of insight and assurance that sets them apart from backyard breeders. By providing detailed breed-specific results for both diseases and traits, breeders can offer greater value to puppy buyers and contribute to the long-term health of their breeds. For puppy buyers, choosing a dog from a breeder who uses Orivet’s genetic testing means investing in a healthier, happier future for their new family member.

So, as we see, Orivet’s Purebred Dog Full Breed Profile doesn’t just distinguish preservation breeders—it revolutionizes how we value and care for our breeds. It’s about providing a beacon of excellence in a sea of uncertainty, and doing so with the grace of Mary and, occasionally, the unexpected charm of Charlie’s off-key concertos.

Let’s champion the cause of purebred excellence and give puppy buyers and their future furry family members the healthy, happy life they deserve.