The Foundation Bitch

The Foundation Bitch

“From Powerful Bitches Come Powerful Dogs.”

A prominent judge was troubled with her two winners in the 12-18 and 18-24 bitch classes. Both were excellent in type, locomotion, and construction, yet different. One was robust, powerful in substance and size, and the other was finer, more elegant, and small. As the ring steward, I could tell by her pacing back and forth that she had difficulty with the final decision.

“What’s bothering you? I asked.

“I’m not sure which one will have the best interests of the Rottweiler?” she replied.

The judge paced more and finally said, “I must pick the more robust bitch because she can maintain the power and substance we need. The elegant bitch will have a diminishing effect.”

For the stud dog owner, the infl