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Interview with Kacie Davis Jordan, Breeder of Evenstar-WesRidge Bluetick Coonhounds


“A lot of dedication and presentation of Coonhounds seems to have gotten the breed out there and more noticed.”


How were you introduced to the Bluetick Coonhound?

Kacie Davis Jordan: My mother obtained a Bluetick Coonhound from Evenstar Hounds (Kimberly Martin) shortly after they were recognized by the AKC. Her grandfather’s admiration for the breed was how I was introduced to Blueticks, and I fell deeply in love with them.


In which events do you participate with your hounds?

Kacie Davis Jordan: My main focus is to compete in Conformation, but I also enjoy the Bench Shows and seeing others do well with my Blueticks in Nite Hunts and Agility.

Kacie Davis Jordan Evenstar-WesRidge Bluetick Coonhounds
Kacie Davis Jordan – Evenstar-WesRidge Bluetick Coonhounds


Can you tell us about your most noteworthy Blueticks?

Kacie Davis Jordan: CH Evenstar Devil in a Blue Dress (Baylee), our very first and foundation bitch, has produced two Number One Blueticks in the country for AKC Conformation. GCHG Wesann’s Don’t Take My Man On Vista Ridge (Jolene) was Number One for two years running, with multiple Group placements. Her son, GCHP Evenstar-Wesridge’s One Hail Of A Man (Big John), has been Number One for the past five consecutive years and was the first Bluetick to ever receive a Group Two at Westminster Kennel Club, in 2021. Big John was also the first to receive TWO all-breed Bests in Show.

2 photos showing Kacie Davis Jordan with her dog "Big John"


How does the Bluetick compare with the other coonhound breeds?

Kacie Davis Jordan: Bluetick Coonhounds’ coloring makes them stand out. They can come blue-ticked with tan points or blue-ticked with no tan points. The breed is loyal and strong-willed in any situation presented to them. In my experience with Bluetick Coonhounds, they are an amazing breed with children.

Bluetick Coonhound side photo


Is the breed a strong competitor in the Hound Group?

Kacie Davis Jordan: Blueticks have not been a strong competitor in the Group ring, but we have come a long way as there are more coonhounds placing in Groups. A lot of dedication and presentation of Coonhounds seems to have gotten the breed out there and more noticed.


Does the Bluetick make for a good companion in the home?

Kacie Davis Jordan: The Bluetick Coonhound seems to be a wonderful companion for most families. This breed is excellent with children and is a fairly easy breed to keep up grooming-wise, which makes them very desirable. They are a very athletic dog, but they also like to sit down on the couch, curled up in a blanket at night watching a movie.

Bluetick Coonhound dog laying on the sofa


What are the biggest misconceptions about the breed?

Kacie Davis Jordan: I think the biggest misconception for the breed is that people see them as a hunting dog only. They are extremely intelligent and, with a little bit of motivation (food) or praise, they are willing to try anything. This breed has been used for Search and Rescue, Obedience, Rally, Dock Diving, blood tracking, babysitting, therapy dogs, and, of course, hunting a wide diversity of
wild game.


Are there any breed-specific health concerns or exercise needs?

Kacie Davis Jordan: The National Bluetick Coonhound Association’s two biggest concerns are hips and eyes. Bluetick Coonhounds need stimulation daily to get the necessary exercise needed to develop the overall dog. This helps to maintain tight feet, a strong topline, and nice muscling.


Does the Bluetick Coonhound have a bright future?

Kacie Davis Jordan: My heart and soul is with the Blueticks Coonhound and I foresee a bright future for this wonderful breed, overall.


What are your goals for the breed? For your hounds?

Kacie Davis Jordan: My goal for this breed is to see them continue to be recognized in the AKC Hound Group. I also hope there will be more individuals and families involved in the various AKC competitions offered to them. The goals that I have set for Evenstar-WesRidge Bluetick Coonhounds are to try to consistently produce correct conformation and genetically healthy coonhounds.



Are you looking for a Bluetick Coonhound puppy?

The best way to ensure a long and happy relationship with a purebred dog is to purchase one from a responsible breeder. Not sure where to begin finding a breeder? Contact the National Parent Club’s Breeder Referral person, which you can find on the AKC Breeder Referral Contacts page.


Want to help rescue and re-home a Bluetick Coonhound dog?

Did you know nearly every recognized AKC purebred has a dedicated rescue group? Find your new best friend on the AKC Rescue Network Listing.


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