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Insights from Patricia A. Sosa – 2023 WKC Dog Show Breed Judge

Patricia Sosa – 2023 WKC Dog Show Breed Judge


Interview with Patricia Sosa – 2023 WKC Dog Show Breed Judge

What does it mean to be invited to judge at this year’s historic Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show?

Patricia Sosa: For anyone involved in the sport of dogs, I think we all fantasize about showing, winning, and judging at the prestigious Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. I can still hear Luis saying, “You have mail!” Wow, I could not believe it was true, but as I opened the envelope, yes, it was. Such a humbling and honored moment, and so many incredible thoughts filled my head.

The preparation was exciting, as the need for the perfect outfits were underway. The colors of the WKC are purple and gold. Believe it or not, it was not as hard as I’d expected to find the perfect outfit for the special day.

The excitement leading up to all the events that would take place over the next few days after my arrival were nothing but spectacular. From being picked up at the airport, a judge’s dinner that was exceptional, to enjoying the company of fellow judges, my Cinderella experience was well underway. Not one thing was overlooked by the Westminster KC to make the event a memorable one for both judges and exhibitors.


Can you share your thoughts on your various Breed assignments? Please be specific.

Patricia Sosa: Monday morning, 8 a.m., came quickly and, with a deep breath, the first dog entered my ring and the nerves left as I examined my first dog. The quality in each breed was very deep and I could have awarded many exhibits a Best of Breed ribbon. As a judge, we must always go back to each breed’s Standard and judge each dog against that—not each other. Still, being a breeder-exhibitor, I know the importance of evaluating breeding stock. After judging was finished, I did find out that many of my Breed winners were also National Breed winners and several were breeder/owner-handled.


Now that it’s over, what are your thoughts on the 2023 show year? Any thoughts on the year ahead?

Patricia Sosa: Now I look forward to attending Westminster Kennel Club next year to enjoy and celebrate this memorable event. I have been going to Westminster for close to 35 years, as an exhibitor, spectator, and now as a past judge. Hats off to all the hard-working members who make this event so special!