Showsight Magazine Welcomes New Client Relationship Managers



Meegan and Ryan are bringing their passion, experience, and dedication to the sport of dogs into their new role as Showsight, Showsight Express and Ring-Ready Client Relationship Managers.

Meegan and Ryan will assist the Sport’s Professional Handlers, Owner Handlers, Breeder/Owner Handlers ,Junior Handlers , National & Regional Kennel Clubs.

They are looking forward to collaborating with you on your plans for 2021!


Meegan is a genuine dog person. She grew up in a dog show family and has always been involved in the sport of purebred dogs. “I began my love of dogs and the breed ring at a very early age,” notes the Fayetteville, North Carolina resident. “My mother bred, raised, and showed Golden Retrievers for many years, and I was often ‘baby sat’ by her favorite Golden, Lady.” Meegan began showing in Junior Showmanship when she was 12 years old and has never really stopped. She became interested in the grace and movement found within the Hound Group, and gravitated toward smaller dogs; Whippets and, eventually, Italian Greyhounds.

“I remember meeting Judy Parker of Bramblewood Kennels at Sampson State Park,” Meegan recalls. “It was that day that I met ‘Kepheran.’ He was my very first Ibizan and the very best dog.” Meegan’s constant companion and friend was a great ambassador for his breed and the neighborhood clown. “When the time came to say goodbye to my old friend, I knew I would live with another Ibizan,” she says. “Life without ‘that face’ was too much to bear. I began searching and eventually purchased two wire-haired Ibizan littermates, Apollo and Pan.” Meegan’s kennel, Heron and Hound, is home to dogs that excel in the ring, on the field, and in various performance and companion event

Meegan’s dedication to the sport is due to her lifelong involvement in and outside the ring. “I’ve never known life without dog shows, and the people in them are the reason I feel so passionate about the sport,” she notes. Meegan understands that success in the sport can mean many different things to different exhibitors. As she emphasizes, “I am here to help my dog show peers achieve their goals—no matter how big or small, we truly are a family!”


Meegan is always happy to speak with you about your goals.

Mobile (512) 593 -5517


Ryan started his life in dogs at 12 years old after seeing the Westminster Kennel Club dog show on television. “It took a couple of years to convince my parents, who are not ‘dog people,’ to let me get my feet wet in Junior Showmanship,” he recalls. “I learned so much about myself and about dogs that way. Ryan’s career in Juniors ended by making the finals at Westminster with his Golden Retriever. “Quinn is in the pedigree of many of the Goldens I have bred or owned today, Ryan reports.

As a Junior, and into his 20’s, Ryan apprenticed under Doug and Mandy Carlson, Janice Hayes, and Brianna Bischoff. “The years spent being mentored by these people, whom I still highly respect to this day, was priceless,” he emphasizes. “The animal husbandry, business acumen, and life skills that I was able to absorb from these individuals is not something you can learn from any textbook.”


Ryan attended Texas A&M University and obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science, and began a professional career in Sales & Marketing. “After graduation, I continued to breed and show Goldens with Brianna under her Emery prefix, he notes.

“I am incredibly excited to join Showsight Magazine and Aramedia Group,” notes Ryan. “The opportunity to have my two passions collide—being an incredible service provider to my friends, family, and clientele, and my love for the sport of purebred dogs—is a dream come true.”

Ryan can’t wait to see everyone at the shows!

Mobile (512) 851-1256

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