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Tennessee Valley Kennel Club Dog Show | Knoxville, TN

2022 Tennessee Valley Kennel Club Dog Show


Ringside photos and dog show candids from Tennessee Valley Kennel Club dog show which was held on November 05, 2022 – November 06, 2022 at Chilhowee Park, in Knoxville, Tennessee.


Tennessee Valley Kennel Club Dog Show

  • DATE OF SHOW: 11/05/22 – 11/06/22
  • LOCATION: Columbia Park, Knoxville, Tennessee.
  • SHOW CHAIR: Carol Sommerfelt
  • AB/JSHW (11/05/22): Results
  • BPUP (11/05/22): Results
  • AB/JSHW (11/06/22): Results
  • BPUP (11/06/22): Results




About the Club

The club was founded in 1934 to promote all breeds of purebred dogs by conducting competitive shows, events and public education under the rules of the American Kennel Club.

We encourage good sportsmanship at every event and are advocates for canine health, canine good citizenship, responsible dog ownership, and ethical breeding practices.

All our activities are designed to provide purebred dogs and their owners with engaging, lasting, and fun ways to celebrate the canine-human connection.


Photo Gallery

Photos by: Sela Cooper – Selacphotography