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Update Your Club Bylaws to Include Junior Memberships

Update Your Club Bylaws to Include Junior Memberships


AKC’s Board of Directors, at its November 2022 Board meeting, implemented a policy to assist all clubs wishing to amend their bylaws by adding a provision for Junior membership without AKC review and approval.

The provision should identify Junior membership as is indicated in AKC’s Glossary, and as cited in the November 2022 AKC Board meeting minutes noted below.

If your club votes affirmatively to add juniors as a membership type in accordance with your club’s bylaws, please include the date of the vote and a copy of the revised bylaws with your club’s submission.

The revised bylaws and bylaw amendment voting information to add Junior membership should be submitted by a club officer, board member or designated bylaw chair to [email protected] for AKC’s records.


November 2022 AKC Board Meeting minutes:

Member Club Bylaws – Allow the addition of Juniors to the Clubs Bylaws

The Board VOTED to permit existing clubs to add “Junior” as a membership option to their club Bylaws without AKC reviewing and approving each club’s Bylaws.

The Board will receive notice from Club Relations of the Clubs that have added “Junior membership” as a membership option in their Bylaws.

The definition for a Junior Membership is from the Glossary of the “Sample Constitution and Bylaws for Parent Club.”

“Junior – open to children under 18 years of age; a non-voting/non-office holding membership which may automatically convert to regular membership at age 18.”