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Working Samoyed Program

Samoyed Competitive Sledding

This article was originally published in Showsight Magazine, July 2014 issue.


Working Samoyed Program

During the early 1990s a group of SCA members were concerned that the breed was not being used in working activities, competitively and for recreational purposes. These members brought a proposal to the SCA board to implement a working title program where Samoyeds that completed the specified requirements could earn different levels of working titles. The venues used in the working title program were meant to reflect the original working abilities of the Samoyed in their native land. More recently, venues that include modern day activities pursued by Samoyed owners have been added to the list of eligible venues for obtaining a title. The goal of the program is to encourage Samoyed owners to work with their dogs and to include preservation of working abilities in their breeding programs.

There are three working titles: Working Samoyed (WS), Working Samoyed Excellent (WSX), and Master Working Samoyed (WSXM). A dog may earn one or all 3 titles. A Samoyed must earn a minimum of 1,000 points in one or more venues to earn a WS title. Another 1,000 points must be earned to reach a WSX, and again, this can be in one or more venues. For a Samoyed to earn a WSXM, the dog must accumulate a minimum of 5,000 points, and the work must be in at least 4 different venues, with a minimum of 200 points in each of the 4 venues. Venues that are recognized for working titles are:

  • Competitive sledding, carting, scootering, skijoring, and bikejoring
  • Competitive weight pull
  • Pack hiking
  • Excursion carting, scootering, bikejoring, skijoring, and sledding
  • Herding instinct testing and farm/ranch herding experience
  • Therapy
  • Special application

“Special application” handles work a Samoyed does but which does not fall into an accepted venue. Examples include, but are not limited to; search and rescue work, seizure alert dog, hauling rocks and timber to clear a trail, service dog, etc. Special application submissions are for “special work situations” and each case is awarded on an individual basis. Working the Samoyed gives the owner an insight to the physical abilities of the dog and also its ability to handle the stress associated with training and the actual work. Owner and dog will benefit from the physical activity and a special bond will develop from the many hours spent together obtaining the titles.

This breed came to us with mind, heart, and body capable of working at many tasks. It is the goal of the Working Program of the Samoyed Club of America to preserve those traits which help define the Samoyed.