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Yorkie Survey

Yorkie Survey by Showsight | Describe the breed in three words? Drop coat—blue and tan, compact Toy Terrier and self importance.

Yorkie Survey by Showsight.

Describe the breed in three words?

Drop coat—blue and tan, compact Toy Terrier and self importance.

What are your must have traits in this breed?

Head carriage, level top line, vigor, confident and compact well-proportioned silhouette.

What makes this breed an ideal companion for those wanting a Toy dog?

Toy breed, outgoing confident temperament, healthy and weight not to exceed seven pounds.

What about the breed makes it a great show dog?

Its self importance in a toy breed and in the toy group.

What about the breed is most miss understood by the general public?

Coat and color.

What advice would you give to a newcomer?

Go to several dog shows, watch the breed, talk to those who show and ask questions. Look online for those who have bred them for years for advise. Do not buy from websites online. Attend Nationals and/or Specialties and ask lots of questions. Find a Mentor or two to help you in your quest to own, show a Yorkshire Terrier.

Are there traits in this breed you feel are becoming exaggerated?

Coats too long that causes them to tangle up when moving—especially if shows are outside in tall grasses!

Do you think the Yorkies you see in the ring today are better than when you first started judging?

Many have improved in top lines, but our numbers have decreased as we lose breeders, owner and handlers in the breed.When I judged a Sweepstakes early on before I was approved to judge them, I had an entry of 38 or so. Today in regular classes at most shows we never seen these numbers in the classes.

Do you have a specific “please don’t do in my ring” for the Yorkshire Terrier?

Do not race your dog around the ring and use bait only after I have gone over the head, and do not run up on dogs in front of you!

Do you see size to be an issue? Too Big or small?

Not really. Looking for a balanced blue and tan drop coat, compact Yorkshire Terrier, high head carriage with confident manor, vigor and with self importance entering my ring. It puts a smile on my face.

Yorkie Survey by Showsight.