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AKC Pet Disaster Relief Trailer To Help Displaced Pets In Greenbelt, MD

GREENBELT, MD AKC Reunite, the largest non-profit pet identification and recovery service provider in the United States is pleased to announce its donation of an AKC Pet Disaster Relief trailer in Greenbelt, MD. This life-saving equipment will be available to dispatch to any local disaster scene that needs assistance sheltering pets. This trailer was delivered on June 7th. It will assist the Greenbelt Community Animal Response Team in helping community pets that may become displaced in an emergency.

AKC Pet Disaster Relief is a nationwide program sponsored by AKC Reunite, the country’s largest non-profit microchip identification and recovery service. AKC Reunite partners with AKC® Dog Clubs and pet lovers across the country to make these donations a reality. The Greenbelt trailer was made possible by an initial donation from the Hyattsville Dog Training Club, Maryland Kennel Club, Northeastern Maryland Kennel Club, Companion Rescue Alliance, WAGS, City of Greenbelt, Mowatt Memorial United Methodist Church, University Park Lions Club, College Park Lions Club, Beltsville Lions Foundation, Mt. Rainier Brentwood Lions Club, and Maryland Lions Club.

“We are thankful to the donating clubs to help make this trailer possible in our nation’s capital area,” said Tom Sharp, President & CEO of AKC Reunite. “From tornadoes to floods to apartment fires, anything can happen and now Greenbelt Community Animal Response Team will have the equipment they need to respond for the people and pets in the area.”

The equipment in the AKC Pet Disaster Relief trailers helps to create a safe, temporary home-base for at least 65 pets during the first 72 hours after a disaster is declared. The trailers house and deliver essential animal care items including crates and carriers, AKC Reunite microchips and an AKC Reunite universal microchip scanner, bowls, collars and leashes as well as fans, lighting and a generator, cleaning supplies and maintenance items. These supplies can be used as co-location shelters, where people can evacuate with their pets, as well as emergency animal shelters for displaced animals.

“Hyattsville Dog Training Club is very pleased to partner with the City of Greenbelt to bring this trailer to our area,” said Michael Mooney, President of Hyattsville Dog Training Club. “We also want to thank the other sponsors who help to make this possible. We are grateful to the folks at Greenbelt who worked tirelessly on this project for the past few years to bring this to fruition. We look forward to continuing to work with our local community for the welfare of animals in need.”

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AKC Reunite, an affiliate of the American Kennel Club®, is the largest non-profit pet microchip identification and recovery service provider in the United States. Since 1995 AKC Reunite has helped pet owners reunite with their lost animals via identification and 24/7 pet recovery specialists, enrolling over 9 million companion animals and recovering more than 500,000 lost pets. AKC Reunite microchips are a popular choice of pet professionals throughout the country for permanent pet identification.

AKC Reunite has donated more than $10 million since 2002 for pet-related causes including disaster preparedness and relief like the AKC Pet Disaster Relief trailer donation program. AKC Reunite also provides free recovery service enrollment for all active service, military, and law enforcement K-9 dogs.  For more information visit or follow us on Facebook (