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Announcing The Hound Club Junior Star Program

Announcing The Hound Club Junior Star Program

Announcing The Hound Club Junior Star Program | In Loving Memory of Sebastian, a fabulous juniors dog!

By Karissa Groves

For information contact:  Karissa Groves at [email protected]

or Marlene Groves at [email protected] or 303.621.1111

My name is Karissa Groves and I am a recently aged out junior, who loves the sport of purebred dogs and saw during my time as a junior there was none or very little support for many juniors showing a hound.

I had a great run in juniors with my bloodhound Sebastian, but I did more than junior showmanship and as I thought about creating a program for hound juniors, I wanted it to be more than points and best junior wins.  Because of that I wrote a program that has many elements and components for juniors to earn recognition.  It ranges from showing in junior showmanship, to earning a championship or grand championship on their hound, but also securing a non-conformation title(rally, obedience, coursing, tracking, etc.), and there is even more; things like ranking in your breeds Top 20 or Hall of Fame or a Specialty Win or maybe even an Ace Award Winner.  I also want to encourage and reward juniors who are responsibly breeding hounds, so that is part of the program too.


The annual winner of the Hound Club Junior Star Program will receive:

–        An RMHA Junior Star Award
–        A $100 Visa Gift Card
–        A $100 Stipend for AKC National (when qualified & entered with their hound)
–        A $100 Stipend for Westminster (when qualified & entered with their hound)
–        A Scholarship (range $200-$500 coming from $0.25 per entry at our August shows and from donations)

Our Hound Star Junior Program officially starts July 1st, 2021.  We will use a July 1 to June 30 timeframe; and this August at our RMHA Show in Greeley we will have a celebration to mark the start of the program.  The first winner will be selected and presented at our RMHA Show August 2022, so there is plenty of time to review the list of components and start working on accomplishing your goals with your hound!

Hound Breed Clubs, I/we challenge you to consider matching the program or part of it.  Perhaps you would like to offer a full match if the winner comes from your hound breed or maybe you want to create a similar program in your breed club to truly help juniors with hounds.  Please let us know if you have an interest in cooperating or if we can help you in any way.

More about the Rocky Mountain Hound Club:  We hold 3 conformation shows each year; we offer rally and obedience bi-annually at our summer shows along with health clinics.  We hold several fast cats (coursing ability trials) and lure coursing events!  Of course we have monthly meetings (currently via zoom); we welcome new members (full, associate and juniors).  Junior membership is FREE and it is a program requirement.  A membership application can be found on our facebook page and  our website

Go Hounds & Go Juniors with Hounds!

Karissa Groves, Aged Out Junior & Program Creator Rocky Mountain Hound Club Member

  See separate 1 page PDF – Hound Junior Star Scoring Components & Information

See separate 1 page PDF – Hound Junior Star Program Application

The Hound Club Junior Star Program