Barbara Andrews

Barbara “BJ” Andrews is the breeder of over 300 AKC Champions including over a dozen All-Time record holders. She is the author of 8 breed books and founder of 3 AKC Breed Clubs. In 1998 she launched the world’s first public website ( followed by and which, as part of the NetPlaces Network, serves all facets of dog ownership and exhibition. She and husband Bill pioneered the Akita, Miniature Bull Terrier, and Toy Fox Terrier to AKC recognition and BJ served on the board of each Parent Club. She has judged in England and AKC Specialty Sweeps. She was awarded UKC All Breeds approval but has never applied for an AKC judges license because it could interfere with objective reporting on the sport.
Linda Ayers Turner Knorr honored

Linda Ayers Turner Knorr Honored

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Merits of the Dog

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Understanding How Dogs Talk

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Morning with my Dogs

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Purebred Bull Terrier | Easter Bunny for a Bully

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