Breeders are the heart and soul of the purebred dog community. We are committed to supporting the efforts of responsible, ethical breeders of purpose-bred dogs.

The Bubble – Social Media Musings

Analyzing social media's impact on dog shows and the challenge of preserving breeding knowledge ...

A girl with a dog jumping in the air.

Taking the Leap of Faith

Explore the challenges faced by novice dog owners with helicopter breeders. Learn more about ...

Heather Robertson Miller, breeder of Windmill German Shepherds.

Like Mother, Like Daughter

Discover a mother-daughter duo's journey from dog enthusiasts to national recognition in Windmill German ...

Girl in glasses holding a puppy

The Truth About Breeding Dogs (It’s More Than Preservation!)

Breeding dogs: from preservationists to scientists, artists, and anthropologists. Dive into the multifaceted roles ...

THE BUBBLE: The Perfect Storm

Explore the challenges in the dog show community: Popularity of doodles, decreasing AKC breeders, ...

Adult German Shepherd Dog laying on grass.

Starting Over – When You Must Back Up to Get Ahead

Discover the intricacies of dog breeding and exhibiting: insights on re-evaluation, mentors, and navigating ...

The dog is sitting in a bubble bath with a yellow duckling and soap bubbles. Golden Retriever bathes with bath accessories.

The Bubble: Just What Is a Preservation Breeder?

Uncover the concept of a preservation breeder and their role in maintaining purebred dogs. ...

Kennel Blindness! - The Perfect Dog Has Yet to Be Produced!

Watch Out for Kennel Blindness! – The Perfect Dog Has Yet to Be Produced!

Beware of kennel blindness! Discover its risks and the importance of staying objective when ...

Breeders Are Like Apples

The Bubble – Breeders Are Like Apples

Discover the challenges breeders face today. Explore regulations, genetic diversity, and the need for ...

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