Breeders are the heart and soul of the purebred dog community. We are committed to supporting the efforts of responsible, ethical breeders of purpose-bred dogs.

Girl in glasses holding a puppy

The Truth About Breeding Dogs (It’s More Than Preservation!)

Breeding dogs: from preservationists to scientists, artists, and anthropologists. Dive into the multifaceted roles ...

THE BUBBLE: The Perfect Storm

Explore the challenges in the dog show community: Popularity of doodles, decreasing AKC breeders, ...

Adult German Shepherd Dog laying on grass.

Starting Over – When You Must Back Up to Get Ahead

Discover the intricacies of dog breeding and exhibiting: insights on re-evaluation, mentors, and navigating ...

The dog is sitting in a bubble bath with a yellow duckling and soap bubbles. Golden Retriever bathes with bath accessories.

The Bubble: Just What Is a Preservation Breeder?

Uncover the concept of a preservation breeder and their role in maintaining purebred dogs. ...

Kennel Blindness! - The Perfect Dog Has Yet to Be Produced!

Watch Out for Kennel Blindness! – The Perfect Dog Has Yet to Be Produced!

Beware of kennel blindness! Discover its risks and the importance of staying objective when ...

Breeders Are Like Apples

The Bubble – Breeders Are Like Apples

Discover the challenges breeders face today. Explore regulations, genetic diversity, and the need for ...

close up view of the colorful bubbles

The Bubble: Proposed State Laws Are Cause for Concern

Restrictive state laws threaten pure breeds' survival. Exhibitors and breeders need freedom to preserve ...

AR Groups Lobbying Congress for Anti-Breeder Bills

Animal Rights Groups Are Lobbying Congress for Anti-Breeder Dog Laws

Learn about the anti-breeder bills threatening our sport in the 2023 Farm Bill. Oppose ...

closeup shot of a frozen bubble on the snow

Outside the Bubble: Looking Backward to Move Forward

This article explores changes in the dog breeding and showing world, including the rise ...

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