Canine Health

Green boy’s response to the sight sensitivity test (umbrella).

Doing It All – The Value of Puppy Testing

Discover how the Volhard Puppy Aptitude Test can help you match puppies with the ...

Can. CH & OTCH Butterblac's Some Fools Dream Am. UD JH WCX; Can. WCI - "Bannor” (3/31/1985 – 5/14/1999)

It’s a Real Pain

Facing training issues with your dog? It might be pain, not disobedience. A personal ...

a bowl of dog food on a wooden floor

No Weigh!

Explore the problems of traditional dog weight assessments and discover the accurate 'Tissue Tent ...

Do the Dewclaws?

Veterinary sports medicine specialist reveals the role of a dog's dewclaw in preventing injuries ...

Man and a dog running excercise on the beach

Fit For Life!

Unlock the secrets of a longer, healthier life for your dog with a planned ...

Toy Fox Terrier running outside in the sunset

Health of the Toy Fox Terrier

Discover essential insights on Toy Fox Terrier health, including common issues, care tips, and ...

cockapoo wearing a red suit, standing on the bench, in the woods

Judging the Dog Park Dog Show

Unveiling the truth about purposefully bred dogs and the importance of structure. Discover why ...

Canine Gaits – The Key to Your Dog’s Success and Health

Learn the importance of early training and lifelong lessons for dogs' gait, performance, and ...

Woman collecting blood samples for testing on Chagas disease

Sniffing Out Strategies to Control Chagas Disease

Understanding Chagas Disease in dogs: Risks, Diagnosis & Prevention Strategies. Research funded by AKC ...

Dr. Stephanie Montgomery with her Terrier dog, news AKC CHF CEO

CHF Welcomes Dr. Stephanie Montgomery as Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Stephanie Montgomery appointed as new CEO of AKC Canine Health Foundation (CHF), dedicated ...

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