Canine Legislation

close up view of the colorful bubbles

The Bubble: Proposed State Laws Are Cause for Concern

Restrictive state laws threaten pure breeds' survival. Exhibitors and breeders need freedom to preserve ...

AR Groups Lobbying Congress for Anti-Breeder Bills

Animal Rights Groups Are Lobbying Congress for Anti-Breeder Dog Laws

Learn about the anti-breeder bills threatening our sport in the 2023 Farm Bill. Oppose ...

pug at a veterinary clinic representing Health Certificates for Out of State Dogs

What’s the Story on Vet Certificates When Showing Out of State?

Learn about health certificate requirements for out-of-state exhibitors at AKC dog shows. Follow state ...

USDA Breeder holding 4 puppies

USDA Breeder Licensing – Why ‘Teachable Moments’ Matter

Educational programs and teachable moments helped 96% of USDA pet breeder licensees comply with ...

Stacey, Roxanne and Curt PPP dogs placed

Detection Dog Conference: Addressing the Shortage of Bomb-Sniffing Dogs

Detection Dog Conference brings together leaders to address shortage of bomb-sniffing dogs. Learn what ...

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