The Pumi’s Whimsical Expression

Whim•si•cal: playfully quaint or fanciful, especially in an appealing and amusing way.


When the Pumi was very rare, we took our five dogs to the dog show for the renowned portrait photographer, Jerry Vavra, to get a group photo. We positioned them and they were all sitting nicely, so we quickly backed away and Jerry blew his train whistle to get their attention. Five sets of Pumi ears whipped up to attention and he was laughing so hard that he couldn’t get the photo.

pumi expression

At a dog show, when all the Pumik in a class have entered the ring and the dogs have lined up, I love to watch the judge’s expression as they walk down the line on their first look at the dogs. They will always have a smile on their face, reflecting the multiple whimsical expressions of Pumi dogs looking back at them.

He is characterized by his square outline, curly coat, circular tail, and long head with semi-erect ears and whimsical expression. The ears are covered with hair, enhancing their whimsical expression. – AKC STANDARD

The muzzle (40-50% of the length of the head), dark eye, black pigment and nose, and high-set, two-thirds erect ears covered with curly hair all contribute to this wonderful Pumi expression.

And, of course, living with a Pumi makes you smile every day.

Looks aside, this is a very smart, active, serious working breed with a joy of life expressed in their face.

Chris and Tom pictured with dogs they bred from six different litters, all champions, three of them National Specialty BOB winners.
Chris and Tom pictured with dogs they bred from six different litters, all champions, three of them National Specialty BOB winners.


Here are some whimsical expressions to make you smile today.

  • Chris is the Judges Education Chair for the Hungarian Pumi Club of America in addition to being its Secretary. She’s had Pumik for 24 years, importing a number of dogs from Hungary and the Scandinavian countries in order to establish their breeding program here. She and her husband, Tom, have accumulated six World Winner titles, two European Winner titles, BOS at the Hungarian Pumi Klub Show with a homebred, FCI Working Certificate (Herding), multiple National Specialty Bests of Breed, and AKC Herding titles in addition to Nose Work and Obedience. Since the breed was recognized July 2016, they have bred or owned 32 AKC champions. In 2021, four dogs they bred were the No. 1 Pumik in Agility, Rally, Obedience, and NOHS, (No. 2 Pumi in Conformation). Chris judges the Sporting, Terrier, and Non-Sporting Groups in addition to Pumik and Mudik, and Tom enjoys showing them.

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