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Hoosier Summer Classic Dog Show Photos – South Bend, IN

Hoosier Summer Classic Dog Show BIS


Ringside photos and dog show candids from this year’s Hoosier Summer Classic dog show which was held July 21 – 24, 2022 in South Bend, Indiana.

“It was a fun weekend. We held our first PeeWee Competition, had our first 4-6 Month Puppy Competition, and many beautiful breed wins!  The judges and exhibitors had a wonderful time, minus the impromptu rain storm on Saturday morning Over all, it was a great show.  Berrien Kennel club moves their show to Marshall, MI next year and they will be missed.  We hope to push forward and keep our cluster intact.  Till 2023!  Hope to see everyone back and then some!” ~ Cara Alderfer (Cluster Chair)


Hoosier Summer Classic 2022


July 21 – 24, 2022

South Bend, Indiana

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Hoosier Summer Classic Dog Show photos by Cara Alderfer