Meet Toy Group Judge Dr. Roger Pritchard

Dr. Roger Pritchard


Interview with a Toy Group Judge Dr. Roger Pritchard


Where do I live? How many years in dogs? How many years as a judge?

I live in Midwest City, Oklahoma. I have been in dogs for 55 years, judging for 50 years.

What is my original breed? What is/was my kennel name?

Dr. Roger Pritchard: My original breeds are Dachshunds and Boston Terriers. My kennel name is Rojes.

Can I list a few of the notable dogs I’ve bred?

Dr. Roger Pritchard: Any performance or parent club titles? Notable dogs include Beltor, Too Hot To Hold, Rojes, John Henry, I Am, Bibelot, Joker Is Wild. Clubs I have formed are Central Oklahoma Toy Dog Club, Poodle Club of Oklahoma City, and Mid-Del Tinker Kennel Club.

What are some of the qualities I most admire in the Toy Breeds?

Dr. Roger Pritchard: The qualities I most admire are soundness and breed type.

Have I judged any Toy Breed Specialties?

Dr. Roger Pritchard: I have judged many of the Toy clubs.

Can I offer any advice to exhibitors regarding the presentation of these “table” breeds?

Dr. Roger Pritchard: The dogs must be trained to stand on the table for examination. If there is a DQ on height, they must be familiar with the examination.

Some longtime exhibitors have “downsized” to Toys. In my opinion, has this had an impact on quality?

Dr. Roger Pritchard: No, not if the exhibitor has knowledge of breeding programs and is able to adjust to the Toy Standards.

Toy Breeds can require special care. Do I have any advice to offer breeders, exhibitors, and judges?

Dr. Roger Pritchard: First of all, understand the purpose of why the breed was bred. Stay within the limits of the Standard, with no deviation.

In my opinion, how do today’s exhibits compare with the Toy Dogs of the past?

Dr. Roger Pritchard: There is no comparison as to the requirements to follow the Breed Standards. They must be held to the same Standard.

Why do I think Toy Dogs can become outstanding Show Dogs?

Dr. Roger Pritchard: Only if properly bred to their Standard and followed to the designated Standard can Toy Dogs become outstanding Show Dogs.

If I could share my life with only one Toy Breed, which would it be and why?

Dr. Roger Pritchard: Properly, the Toy Poodle; I was able to produce many champions of the breed.

Just for laughs, do I have a funny story that I can share about my experiences judging the Toy Group?

My best enjoyment in judging the Toy Group is to learn that the winner was bred by the exhibitor.

P.S. I thoroughly enjoy all Toy Breeds.