Toy Group

Toy breeds might be short on size, but they are definitely not short on personality! Breeds in the Toy group are affectionate, sociable, and adaptable to a wide range of lifestyles. Just don’t let their size and winsome expressions fool you: they are smart full of energy and many have strong protective instincts. Toy dogs are popular with city dwellers because they make ideal apartment dogs and terrific lap warmers on nippy nights.

Left: Silky Terrier versus Right: Yorkshire Terrier

A Yorkie or a Silky – What’s the Difference?

Learn everything you need to know about the similarities and differences between the Silky ...

2 Papillon dogs standing sitting outside

Wonderful Traits of the Do-it-all Papillon Dog

Papillons are a small dog breed, measuring 8 to 11 inches at the shoulder. ...

Papillon head photo

Judging the Papillon

Fine-boned, dainty, elegant, happy, alert, and friendly. When judging Papillons, keep these words from ...

English toy spaniel head photo

Welcome to Toy Spaniels

English Toy Spaniels are sweet, charming, a bit bull headed and super smart. Charlies ...

Pekingese head photo

Pekingese Examination on the Table

Examining Pekingese on the table is similar to the examination of other breeds. Judges ...

black and white photo of a dog

Havanese History

Havanese country of origin is Cuba. As is true of the history of many ...

The Shih Tzu Topknot

The Shih Tzu Topknot

The shapes and styles of Shih Tzu topknots over the past few decades has ...

how to train shih tzu

When You Bring Your New Shih Tzu Home

Learn how to train a Shih Tzu dog; reduce barking, stop chewing, crate training, ...

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