Monique Gautreaux Hetterscheidt | Reinemn Kennels

Monique Gautreaux Hetterscheidt, Breeder of Reinemn Kennels


Interview with Monique Gautreaux Hetterscheidt, Breeder of Reinemn Kennels

Please tell us a little bit about yourself. Where do you live? What is your breed? What is your kennel name? Do you have a website? How long have you been in dogs? How long have you been breeding dogs? Who are some of your best-known dogs?

Monique Gautreaux Hetterscheidt: Hello. My name is Monique Gautreaux Hetterscheidt. I live in Ruther Glen, Virginia. My breed is the Australian Shepherd and my kennel name is “Reinemn Kennels.” My website is

I’ve been breeding Aussies for 30 years. Top dogs include: Reinemn Dynamic Drake, Reinemn Vivacious Viper, Reinemn Yeti Graffiti Crimson, Reinemn Ravishing Revlon, and Reinemn Exotic Elaina.


As a Breeder, can you share your thoughts on your breed today? Is breed type strong? Are there things to be concerned about? Are there any health-related issues? Have you worked with breeders overseas? Are pet homes typically available for your breed?

Monique Gautreaux Hetterscheidt: Breed type varies. Some are strong… some are weak. Health testing is always concerning. We need to do all that we can with our dogs and then post it to be seen. I welcome pet homes, and I do a lot of screening before they can go to their new homes. Puppy questionnaire forms help a lot.


As an Exhibitor, can you comment on recent entries in your breed? Are majors available in your area? Does your breed often participate in Companion and Performance events? How can newcomers in your breed be encouraged to join the sport of dogs?

Monique Gautreaux Hetterscheidt: Entries are lower than before. The economy may be the reason. Majors are available in our area and there are lots of companion and performance events in our area too. People should attend and watch all types of AKC events events; Dock Diving and Barn Hunt are very fun!


What are the biggest challenges facing the dog show community as a whole and how can we address them? And finally, what are some of the positive changes you’ve seen in your breed and in the dog show community as a whole over the past decade?

Monique Gautreaux Hetterscheidt: The biggest challenges are controlling health testing, temperament, and correct type for our breed, then having the judges on board to judge fairly. This’ll encourage breeders to breed what is healthy and correct, and have the temperaments they need to show.

Over past decade, some positive changes include better networking with show info and groups that form to help inform all who are interested about upcoming shows with majors. In Virginia, the dog show staff are very helpful with RV hook-ups and with answering all questions needed to get set up. Live streaming of dog shows across the US helps us at home to see what is going on across the board. Also, is great. I got to watch my girl “Viper” on TV!

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