My German Mittelspitz Who Never Cease to Amaze Me

German Mittelspitz "Brooks" with her first litter

I will begin this tale by mention of my two German mittelspitz who are now both two years old. In late 2020, I imported my first German mittelspitz (a female I named “Brooks”) from Europe. One of these wonderful dogs was not enough. Consequently, only two months later, my second mittelspitz (a male named “Nook”) landed in my lap.

As an Agility competitor and trainer of American Eskimo Dogs, Border Collies, and other breeds since the 1990s, I had high expectations for my two mittelspitz. Suffice to say that I could hardly wait for them to be physically mature enough to begin working with them in a variety of dog sports.

Although I have competed with my previous dogs in Lure Coursing, Fast CAT, Barn Hunt, Trick Dog, and Obedience, Agility has always been my first love and the one dog sport that affords the greatest challenges. As an anecdote, I must tell you that one of my American Eskimo Dogs left his pawprints in history when he was the second AKC MACH American Eskimo Dog. Consequently, I had high hopes that my mittelspitz would prove to be great partners with a love for this sport as well.

Terry Woods - Agility competition with Nook, January 2023
Agility competition with Nook, January 2023

As an Agility competitor and trainer of American Eskimo Dogs, Border Collies, and other breeds since the 1990s, I had high expectations for my two mittelspitz.

Once we began training, it was most apparent from the outset that both of these young mittelspitz were super intelligent, fast learners, gifted athletes, and excelled at every activity and event we attempted. Both Brooks and Nook are most eager to please and have a strong work ethic. They are extremely agile and are most talented, natural-born jumpers. This magnificent, ancient breed is every bit as trainable and athletic as the other breeds I have trained, if not more so.

At this point in our pursuit of various activities and events, I have started my young mittelspitz pups in Agility, Lure Coursing, Fast CAT, Trick Dog, Scent Work, some long hiking trips and camping. I plan to try some Barn Hunt in the future. Both Brooks and Nook have already earned their UKC Championship titles. In addition, Nook has earned his Certificate of Merit title in the AKC Foundation Stock Services.

Brooks has just given birth to her first litter of four puppies—an event that went without any problems whatsoever. Furthermore, Brooks even waited for me to have my morning coffee and shower before she began delivery of her puppies—a process which was completed by noon that very same day. She is an awesome and incredibly nurturing mother. All of her puppies are very healthy and rapidly developing at this point. Puppy buyers are most interested in Brooks’ puppies, given an awareness of this breed’s amazing athletic expertise and native ability to excel in a variety of dog sports, including Conformation competition.

German Mittelspitz puppies

Needless to say, I am looking forward to many more happy, fun-filled years with Brooks, Nook, and my future German Spitzes. In addition to my love of them as companions and family members, I eagerly look forward to where our training efforts and subsequent pursuit of excellence in competition lead us. Their escapades and competitive efforts never cease to amaze me!

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