Hiring a Handler

Hiring a Handler 101

Read and learn more about the business aspect of hiring a handler. Here is ...

Do judges make mistakes?

Do Judges Make Mistakes?

Do judges make mistakes? A more appropriate question, “Do Judges have regrets or second ...

Low Entry Breed

Showing a Low Entry Breed

Low entry breeds challenge the AKC and exhibitors, but they also offer unparalleled opportunities ...

Montgomery County

Montgomery County – Unique and Oh So Important!

Montgomery County is unique. It is all about the breeds and the breeders. It ...

Sheboygan Kennel Club

Sheboygan Kennel Club Dog Show | Plymouth, WI

Ringside photos and dog show candids from Sheboygan Kennel Club Dog Show which was held ...

Dog Show Scenarios

Dog Show Scenarios

If the same dog wins all the time, there would be few exhibits to ...

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