Rumples Chinese Shar-pei | Cyndi Skinner


Purebred Chinese Shar-pei Breeder Cyndi Skinner – Rumples Chinese Shar-pei.
Interview by Allan Reznik.


Where did you grow up?

Cyndi Skinner: As a military/Boeing brat, I grew up a little bit of everywhere. I was born in Southern California, but spent quite a bit of time in Louisville, Kentucky, and Weaubleau, Missouri (along with some short-term postings in the South and Midwest), before finally settling in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, in Washington state.

Do you come from a doggy family? And if not, how did the interest in breeding and showing purebred dogs begin?

Cyndi Skinner: My parents weren’t particularly doggy. For them, a dog was to be a working part of the farm. My father’s family was very active in the horse-racing industry. My grandfather was a jockey turned jockey’s agent. My uncle was a jockey. My grandmother ran the concessions at Churchill Downs. My parents ran horses at both Churchill and Santa Anita. The first horse I ever sat upon was as a toddler, in the winner’s circle at Santa Anita. I rode in Western gaming events into my 20s, primarily as a barrel racer.

Rumples Chinese Shar-pei