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Interview with Kerry Lee – 2023 MCKC Dog Show Breed Judge

Kerry Lee


Interview with Kerry Lee – 2023 MCKC Dog Show Breed Judge

What does it mean to be invited to judge at one of the most important dog shows in the worId—Montgomery?

Kerry Lee: As a child growing up on the other side of the world, following dog shows with enthusiasm and intrigue and soaking up as much of these shows as possible, Montgomery was always a wish to judge there one day. Having judged the Scottish Terrier Club’s National at Montgomery some years ago, I thought that was such an achievement and honor. When the invitation arrived inviting me to judge seven Breeds and Bred-By in Group at the 2023 Montgomery County Terrier Show, I was humbled and very honored, as I felt I had won the lottery.

To be invited to judge at the World’s Best Terrier Group Show is a feeling that is very hard to describe. The whole Montgomery build-up is so electric, with the three other all-breed shows being held on the three days prior to Montgomery. It is a feeling I am sure many other Exhibitors, Judges, and Breeders feel. I have been fortunate to have judged at many shows around the world in my 25 years, and this show rates as the greatest opportunity I have had bestowed upon me.


Can I share my thoughts on my various Breed assignments?

Kerry Lee: The breeds I judged included the American Hairless Terrier, which was only supported by two entries. The American Staffordshire Terrier as a breed was very well supported and of an excellent quality. The Australian Terrier was greatly supported, and as an Australian, to judge a breed native to my country was very refreshing as the breed in America is in an excellent condition, which was lovely to see. The Bedlington Terrier was also greatly supported and included some excellent exhibits. The Dandie Dinmont Terrier had only three entries but the three were of very good breed type. There were only two Standard Manchester Terriers and both were of good breed type. A breed we do not have in Australia, the Rat Terriers were strong both in entries and type, and I enjoyed judging this breed very much.


In my opinion, what does the future hold for the Terrier Breeds in America and around the world?

Kerry Lee: Judging Best Bred-By in Group, the ring was filled with so many excellent BOB examples of their breed’s type. To judge this event really highlighted that breeders are truIy recognized. Without breeders, we do not have dogs, not only as judges, handlers, and exhibitors but also as companions. The quality of each of the BOBs made it very challenging to pick only four, but it was my evaluation of each of my winners to the Breed Standard and I was very happy with my placings. In saying this, there were many exhibits in that line-up that couId have been placed on another day and by another judge.

Our dog world (and I say world in a global sense) has seen many changes and challenges since COVID numbers have dropped to what they once were pre-COVID, and for many reasons which I won’t go into, but having judged Terriers around the world, pre- and post-COVID, I believe some breeds are not as strong as they once were and other breeds have become stronger. However, if terriers around the worId and in America are to survive, we need to work together and not try to controI a breed and help newcomers so that our breeds continue to improve according to their Breed Standard, as this is the blueprint of a breed.

I can’t thank the office bearers of the Montgomery County Kennel Club enough for the opportunity to have adjudicated at the 2023 Montgomery Terrier Group Show.