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Top Notch Toys


Top Notch Toys | Dog shows are returning with exciting National Specialties for Havanese, English Toy Spaniels, Manchester Terriers, and the upcoming Maltese Specialty. It is fabulous to see wins reported and excitement generated for these shows and, of course, for the Westminster Kennel Club extravaganza in June. Make memories at these wonderful shows!

Although it has been a long, difficult year for everyone (with a few exhibitors dropping out from showing entirely as others have been breeding outstanding girls in hopes of producing a show puppy for the upcoming year) with each passing month the show schedule is appearing much like it did in previous years.

There are many Specials returning to the ring—which has been a true labor of love to keep these dogs not only in coat, but also maintaining a winning attitude in the ring. The drop-coated breeds are now dripping in coat and will be fabulous to see as they enter the ring looking so gorgeous.

Show your success by advertising in Top Notch Toys magazine! We proudly feature the terrific Toys that you breed and exhibit with the hope that you will continue to make Top Notch Toys a big part of your advertising plans for 2021 and 2022.

There are many reasons to advertise in a print magazine versus a digital-only publication.

Top Notch Toys offers a premier niche; a NATIONAL magazine created for the Toy fancy. The magazine is a collectible that can be reviewed online, if you’d like. However, everything starts with a printed magazine that’s designed to create impact and satisfy the desire for a “second look” at the creative designs and stunning Toy dogs.

Branding offers a permanent reference in print media and is a powerful way to build continued success. Facebook cannot do this, and neither can the digital-only magazines. Though they do have their place, virtual images are not a permanent reference that you can hold. By contrast, the printed word in TNT offers a long-term impact and a physical engagement with those who matter most in our wonderful world of dogs. (We do, however, offer a digital issue after the magazine is printed, and the ads and articles are posted on Facebook.)

Traditional print magazines of all types and categories are a permanent reference, with an historic breed value that’s based on articles provided by the parent clubs and many highly successful authors. Copies of our editorial are often requested by long-term and Permit Judges as well as by newcomers to your special breed. (There’s no charge for emailed copies of these excellent sources of information.)

Words, pictures, and the “smell of the ink” give readers a reason to return to your ad again and again, and they are a powerful way to promote your goals and showcase your
noteworthy accomplishments.

Email your exciting news and great ideas (as well as your adorable puppy photos) for the monthly Toy Box feature that always creates lots of smiles. Remember, inquiring minds want to know!

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