Toy Group

Toy breeds might be short on size, but they are definitely not short on personality! Breeds in the Toy group are affectionate, sociable, and adaptable to a wide range of lifestyles. Just don’t let their size and winsome expressions fool you: they are smart full of energy and many have strong protective instincts. Toy dogs are popular with city dwellers because they make ideal apartment dogs and terrific lap warmers on nippy nights.

Matina E. Johnson, an Owner-Handler, at a dog show.

The Owner-Handler: A Cycle of Learning and Loving

Delve into the evolving journey of an owner-handler with 18 years in the sport. ...

Papillon on white background

Helpful Hints For New Toy Judges

Learn the Ins and Outs of Judging Toy Breeds! Discover unique challenges when judging ...

Woman holding a toy dog: pomeranian

Toy Stories: Small Dogs Are a Big Gift

Explore the charm of pint-sized pooches! Discover unique forms, captivating personalities, and the joy ...

ethical dog breeding

Breeding Ethics – Can You Be Bought or Sold?

The terms ethical breeder and responsible breeder are used a lot in the purebred ...

chihuahua puppy training

“FANCY THAT” – More Than Just a Pretty Face

Many people think you cannot train your dog for Conformation and Obedience at the ...

Granulomatous meningoencephalitis in dogs

“FANCY THAT” – For the Love of Gabby

Granulomatous Meningoencephalitis is an acute, progressive inflammatory disease of the central nervous system of ...

Dick Miller

Meet Toy Group Judge Dick Miller

Interview with a Toy Group Judge Dick Miller - I live in La Harpe, ...

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