Heather Roozee

Interview With Owner Handler Heather Roozee

Interview with a owner handler Heather Roozee. Discover her journey in the world of purebred ...

Trimmed Poodle

Acceptable Trims for the Poodle

Acceptable trims for Poodles in AKC Conformation competition, from the traditional English Saddle to ...

German Wirehaired Pointer head photo

Understanding the German Wirehaired Pointer Coat

It’s important to note that the (GWP) German Wirehaired Pointer coat is this breed ...

2 pumi dogs sitting

Pumi Coat – Texture & Grooming

Key breed characteric of the Pumi is a coat with curly locks of hair. ...

Smooth and Long - Coat Types of the Russian Toy Dog

Smooth and Long – Coat Types of the Russian Toy Dog

Smooth and Long - The Russian Toy comes in two different coat types; however, ...

Toy Poodles Need to Look Like Toy Poodles

Toy Poodle variety standard is the same standard as the Miniature and Standard varieties ...

Two German Spitz dogs

How to Groom a German Spitz

Learn how to groom the German Spitz. Grooming is not as heavy for the ...

Show Grooming a Kooiker

Show Grooming a Kooiker | Before jumping into the Nederlandse Kooikerhondje grooming world, we ...

Hair of the Dog: Herding Group Coat Requirements

Herding Group Coat Requirements: Listed below are the breeds in the Herding Group whose ...

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