Can. CH & OTCH Butterblac's Some Fools Dream Am. UD JH WCX; Can. WCI - "Bannor” (3/31/1985 – 5/14/1999)

It’s a Real Pain

Facing training issues with your dog? It might be pain, not disobedience. A personal ...

Imagery is the art of visualizing how to run a course and practicing that performance mentally before going to the line. Here I am ‘practicing.’

Doing It All: Handling Secrets

Discover the secrets to success in dog sports and boost your handling skills with ...

Purebred male belgian malinois shepherd dog running in the lake water with a red toy in his mouth.

Be Strong!

Strength is needed in every dog sport, from Conformation to Earthdog and all the ...

training a dog

Doing It All: Steps for Success

Step-by-step guide to effective dog training, from luring with rewards to proper corrections, ensuring ...

Two puppies tugging and chewing on a rope

Puppy School: Raising Super Puppies to Become Super Dogs

Discover the importance of early training, puppy exercises, and lifelong lessons for optimal development ...

Lauren Langman of Absolute Dogs at 2023 Crufts

Behind the Scenes With a Winner – A Conversation With Lauren Langman of Absolute Dogs

Lauren Langman of Absolute Dogs empowers owners worldwide with games-based solutions, transforming training methods. ...

Dog Training: Willful Disobedience or Just Poor Communication?

Assuming the Worst

When training a dog, there is nothing more damaging to a relationship than assuming ...

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