training a dog

Doing It All: Steps for Success

Step-by-step guide to effective dog training, from luring with rewards to proper corrections, ensuring ...

Two puppies tugging and chewing on a rope

Puppy School: Raising Super Puppies to Become Super Dogs

Discover the importance of early training, puppy exercises, and lifelong lessons for optimal development ...

training a dog

The Nitty-Gritty of Clicker Training

Based on an operant conditioning bridging stimulus, clicker training is a positive reinforcement strategy ...

Handler showing a young dog at a show

A Class Act – Showing Young Prospects

Showing our young dogs is a testament to our great breeders and our goals ...

Boston terrier puppy

If You Are a Dog What Do You Do?

The fact that the dog loves PEOPLE in a way no other animal on ...

dog sniffing something in the grass

Doing It All | Performance Puppy: Tracking

Tracking is a sport in which a tracklayer walks a predesigned trail, dropping objects ...

Breed Appeal - young girl holding a black puppy

Is a Breed’s Appeal Ageless?

Breeders from different AKC groups talk about the age of today’s typical puppy buyer. ...

how to train shih tzu

When You Bring Your New Shih Tzu Home

Learn how to train a Shih Tzu dog; reduce barking, stop chewing, crate training, ...

Morning with my Dogs

Morning with my Dogs

Morning with my Dogs - The shadow that sits astride the trees on the ...

Which Environmental Factors Affect Your Stud Dog’s Sperm Count And Motility

Research has shown that an identifiable set of environmental factors can impact dog semen ...

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