HOLD MY BEER! Gee! The Dachshund – Little Dog, Big Heart

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From the moment I learned the title existed, I dreamed of having a home-bred Triple Champion. Way back in 2008, on the eve of Hurricane Gustav when Dachshund “Gee!” was conceived, little did I know the journey on which she would take me. I wanted a Triple Champion. Gee! said, “Hold my beer!”

Dachshund puppy

Imagine, twelve years later, Gee! would break records and join the ranks of high-achieving AKC Hounds. On May 16, 2021, Gee! earned her Rally Championship in Montgomery, Alabama. In doing so, per AKC records report, it is confirmed that Gee! is:

  • First HOUND to achieve FIVE or more Championship Titles;
  • One of Seven dogs across ALL BREEDS to achieve FIVE or more Championship Titles (the other six include three Border Collies, a Papillion, a Weimaraner, and a Doberman);
  • First Dachshund to achieve Championship Titles in FOUR different sports;
  • Third Hound to achieve Championship Titles in FOUR different sports (the others include a Whippet and a Rhodesian Ridgeback).


Championship Titles

  1. Field Champion
  2. Breed Champion
  3. Agility Champion (x5)
  4. Preferred Agility Champion
  5. Rally Obedience Champion


Additional Achievements

  • DCA National Obedience and DCA National Agility Winner
  • Field Trial Absolute
  • 2 Master Earthdog Legs (though Gee! won’t come out of the tunnel)
  • Tracking Dog
  • Utility Dog
  • DCA Versatility Certificate and DCA Register of Merit Excellent (when I apply)
  • Multiple Years Qualifying for AKC Agility Nationals and the AKC Agility Invitational


Playing Favorites

To be authentic and brutally honest, Gee! has certainly not excelled at all of these sports. Some were her favorites, some she tolerated, and some she applied herself not very much at all. Obedience was never her favorite, and her enthusiasm for this sport exponentially waned as the years passed.

By 2020, we began our quest for the Rally Championship only to be interrupted by the pandemic, cancelled training, and cancelled shows. After nearly a year-long delay, we resumed our quest. Rally Master is much more difficult than it appears.

To earn a Rally Championship, the dog must earn 20 Triple Qs (a Q in Advance, Excellent, and Master at the same trial). The dog must also earn 300 points from scores between 90-100, of which 150 points must come from the Master Class. Do that math… If a club offers two trials per day, this could equate to six runs per day, 21 runs in a weekend. For a 12-year-old Dachshund who doesn’t much care for the sport of Obedience, this was grueling for Gee! Of course, I didn’t always enter her in that many shows per weekend, as we BOTH have our limitations. As my Admiral would say, “Suck it up, Buttercup.” That she did. Gee! got it done. (Albeit with some protest, lol.)

To be authentic and brutally honest, Gee! has certainly not excelled at all of these sports. Some were her favorites, some she tolerated, and some she applied herself not very much at all. Obedience was never her favorite, and her enthusiasm for this sport exponentially waned as the years passed.


My Message to Gee!

“Hold my beer, indeed! I never, ever, imagined all of this! I loved that I could take you to be your authentic Dachshund-self, to bark at rats underground or chase rabbits above. I was thrilled to be your partner as we raced around an Agility course, or held the line and followed as you sniffed your way through a track to find the bits and things that the humans had left behind. I was so proud to be at the end of the lead as you pranced effortlessly and with attitude around the Conformation ring. I appreciate that you tolerated me in Obedience and Rally enough to earn high titles in those sports. Goodness, I cannot even express how much I cherish the fantastic litter of “FeeGees” that you gave to all of us. It’s been a heck of a wild ride!

I am now delighted to inform you that you have earned your retirement! Moving forward, we’ll enjoy walks in the neighborhood, games of hide and seek in the house, lizard hunts in the backyard, playdates with friends, unconditional fun tricks, frequent sassiness, and 100% FREE no-strings-attached food. As much as your record-breaking accomplishments are acclaimed, my most treasured thing to do is to cuddle with you. It warms my soul every single time you ask to sit in the recliner with me, then lay your head upon my chest and peacefully nap. I relish those moments with such love that I hasten to flinch for fear that I will awaken you. May you have a happy and healthy retirement! Be warned, though, I will still most likely dress you in some silly outfit and ask you to pose for the camera for your Facebook friends.”

Dachshund dog "gee" sitting on a tree branch


Special Thanks

Gee! is AGILI-Gee, Geepers, Gee-Gee, and in these later years, Frosty. These are some of the many nicknames given to this special girl by me and by our friends. Friends make the journey that much more special! Thanks to Kathy Steele, Don Ingamells, Arvilla Mayhall, and Treyton Jai Diggs for making Gee!’s life possible. Thanks also to Gee!’s dam, “Sierra,” and her granddam, “Maggie,” for getting me hooked on dog sports. Thanks to Julie Hill, Steff Monteleone, and ALL OF MY TRAINING BUDDIES and various sports mentors for your encouragement throughout this journey.

Someone once told me, “We are the sum of those who pass through our lives.” I hope that Gee! and I have touched you all in the way that you have impacted us!

In closing, Gee! asked me to share the following: “If you see me out there, I’ll gladly take any treat you offer. Thanks in advance.”



  • Sharon McDonald obtained her first dog (a Smooth Dachshund) when she was 13 years old and fell instantly in love with training dogs. The long years and many moves in the Navy caused her to sacrifice her passion for dogs. In 1995, Sharon purchased two Dachshunds and began pet training classes. At a dog show, she observed the Novice A Obedience Class and had an epiphany of “I can do that!” This began a re-awakening of a long lingering passion. By 2003, Sharon was “all-in,” competing with her Dachshunds in Obedience, Agility, Conformation, Earthdog and Dachshund Field Trials as well as venturing into breeding. In 2006, Sharon and her lovely “Maggie” earned the challenging Utility Dog title. Sharon and Maggie competed at the prestigious AKC Obedience Invitational where her young dog “Gee!” qualified for mutiple AKC Agility Nationals and Invitationals. Since those early days, Sharon and her nine Dachshunds have earned countless advanced titles across several sports, now including Tracking and Rally. It’s been a fun upward adventure! Sharon has bred four litters of outstanding, versatile Longhaired Dachshunds and is an AKC Breeder of Merit. Sharon presently trains two seven-year-old Dachshunds, “Evan” and “Raycer,” now with titles in Field, Earthdog, Conformation, Rally, Obedience, Tracking, and Agility. The trio lives in harmony with the recently retired versatile competitor, Gee! Sharon completed a BS in Industrial Hygiene Chemistry at the University of North Alabama (1983) and MS in Public Health/Industrial Hygiene (1989) at the University of Oklahoma. She was commissioned in the U.S. Navy in 1983 as an Ensign and served 24 years, retiring as a Captain in 2007. In life after the Navy, Sharon has worked as a dog Agility trainer from 2007-present. She is an AKC Field Trial and Earthdog Judge. In cooler months, Sharon serves as a Tracking coach. Sharon is a founding member of the Swamp Dog Agility Club of New Orleans and a member of the Bayou Dachshund Club. She serves as the Versatility Chair for the Dachshund Club of America as well as on the club’s Companion Events Advisory Committee. Sharon works tirelessly to coordinate Obedience and Agility competitions in the Gulf South Region.

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