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Kelly’s Miniature Schnauzers | Geri Kelly & Suzanne Steele – 2022 AKC Terrier Group Honoree

Kelly’s Miniature Schnauzers


Geri Kelly and Suzanne Steele of Kelly’s Miniature Schnauzers – 2022 AKC Terrier Group Honoree


In 1963, Geri Kelly was given her first Miniature Schnauzer by her late husband, and she fell in love with the breed.

She then decided to breed, and four of the six puppies in the litter became her first black homebred champions. Because of that litter, she fell in love with the black Miniature Schnauzers and has bred primarily blacks and continues to try to enhance the quality to this day.

Geri had the great fortune of meeting Suzanne Steele in 1980. They became close friends and co-bred the Kelly-Steele line of Miniature Schnauzers together.

They bred the only black bitch to win a Best in Show and a black male was awarded 71 Group Firsts and five Bests in Show in one year. They’re honored and proud to have bred a total of seven Best in Show Miniature Schnauzers.

Geri and Suzanne have sent many Miniature Schnauzers to Europe, Asia, and Australia. Their exports to Sweden have made an impact there.

Since her very beginning with Miniature Schnauzers, Geri has been fortunate enough to have over 300 homebred Miniature Schnauzer champions. She is an AKC judge of all Terriers and continues to breed, groom, and exhibit her own dogs. Geri says, “I wish to thank all who nominated me for this prestigious award and I’m very grateful to be a part of the wonderful world of AKC dogs.



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