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Montgomery | The Best of the Best

Montgomery County Kennel Club dog show


The list of dog shows that every serious breeder and exhibitor needs to attend at least once includes Westminster and Crufts (certainly), the World Dog Show (in any host country), and Sydney Royal. (What better excuse can there be to take that long-awaited trip to Australia?) This rarified list, however, is incomplete without a certain All-Terrier show where “The Best of the Best” from around the globe gather to compete. Whatever your breed or experience level, your dog show bucket list is incomplete without a visit to “Montgomery.

The Montgomery County Kennel Club dog show, held during the autumn season in Southeastern Pennsylvania, is unlike any other conformation show in the world. Although this limited breed show is the exclusive domain of the Terrier breeds, it is nevertheless a must see mecca for any serious student of purebred dogs. At Montgomery, the quality is clearly evident and competition is keen, in every ring, all day long.


The Greatest Terrier Show – Montgomery

Visitors from near and far make plans to attend this singular event to see the DOGS. Some breeders will even “hold back” a young hopeful for its debut here under a well respected breeder-judge. Montgomery is, after all, a breeder’s showcase. It’s the place where careers are launched. It’s where dedication and determination are rewarded. And it’s where reputations are secured. It’s also where fanciers come to find encouragement and camaraderie.

The Greatest Terrier Show” isn’t held simply for supporters of the go-to-ground ratters and the Bully breeds. To the contrary, Montgomery extends an invitation to every devoted exhibitor and dedicated breeder. It’s one of the few remaining dog shows where inspiring conversations occur spontaneously around every ring. Montgomery is where preservation breeders of every recognized breed come to find inspiration.

We hope Showsight readers will be inspired by the many conversations that appear in this issue. —Dan Sayers