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Interview with Rosalind Kramer – 2024 WKC Dog Show BIS Judge

Rosalind Kramer

Interview with Rosalind Kramer – 2024 WKC Dog Show BIS Judge

Can you describe your reaction to receiving an invitation to judge Best in Show at this year’s Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show?

Rosalind Kramer: Totally Shocked, Stunned, Honored, and Humbled!

What does it mean to head the judging panel at this historic event?

Rosalind Kramer: It’s not just a great honor but a huge accountability to the dogs and the sport to do the very best job. This show represents the top of the sport and is recognized world-wide as THE BEST!

In your opinion, how does this show differ from other AKC shows?

Rosalind Kramer: This is the show all breeders, handlers, and owners try to achieve, as it is considered the crème de la crème of the sport. Even to be considered to judge a breed is an incredible honor.

What were you thinking or feeling moments before you stepped into the center of the BIS ring?

Rosalind Kramer:  I was not nervous until about six hours prior to judging, as you feel a huge responsibility/accountability. But the minute I stepped on the green carpet, all anxiety flew away!

Was there a heightened energy coming from the dog and handler teams? Did you feel the energy of the spectators?

Rosalind Kramer: The entire arena was full of energy, as was every handler. The dogs showed extremely well. The old adage “what you feel goes down the lead to the dog” was very evident!

How challenging was this assignment? Can you share your selection process?

Rosalind Kramer: This was an incredible group of dogs… every one in fabulous condition, and all represented their specific breed types. It came down to who asked for it, as they were all lovely!

Do you have a word or two about your Best in Show winner? About the Group winners?

Rosalind Kramer: As the Miniature Poodle walked in the ring, and she was halfway around, my first thought was, now that’s a Poodle. She represents type and balance and great movement. Her showmanship was flawless. Her condition was impeccable and her presentation perfection. She ASKED for it from the minute she walked into the ring. All the Group winners were in fabulous condition… lovely breed type and showed well. I personally feel it was a very strong line-up of wonderful dogs.

There is no other show quite like Westminster. Is there anything you’d like to say to the Officers of The Westminster Kennel Club?

Rosalind Kramer: Thank you to all the members of Westminster Kennel Club for putting on such an incredible show! Every detail was covered. It was so very well organized, and kindness and courtesy were abundant! Their dedication to this club and to the sport truly showed, with Donald Sturz at the helm, to put on the BEST & MOST INCREDIBLE Dog Show.

Are there specific ways in which this show furthers the cause of purebred dogs?

Rosalind Kramer: This show represents the dedication that all our breeders, owners, and handlers have, because without them we would not have dog shows. When the public sees the show, they can see the love for the dogs and how cherished they are. Hopefully they will be spurred on to learn more about our sport.

Now that your assignment is complete, what does Westminster mean to you personally?

Rosalind Kramer: Westminster has always been THE show to try to achieve for me—as an owner, a breeder, and a handler, from the time I was a young girl. A Dream of going someday. Well, that dream happened. BUT, I never ever dreamt I would judge BIS! I am still honored.