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Tips on Managing Waste in the Whelping Box

puppy cleaning out a Whelping Box

One of the most challenging and time-consuming tasks for Breeders is maintaining the cleanliness of the whelping area.

Maintaining hygiene in a whelping box is crucial for the health and well-being of newborn puppies and their mother.

Some reasons why hygiene is important in a whelping box include:

  1. Preventing the spread of disease: Bacteria and parasites–such as Parvo– can thrive in a dirty whelping box and put the puppies and their mother at risk of infection or, worse, compromising your entire breeding business.
  2. Preserving a sanitary environment: A clean whelping box helps to prevent the accumulation of waste, urine, and feces, which can cause odors and attract pests such as insects and rodents.
  3. Supporting healthy growth: A clean and hygienic whelping box helps to ensure that the puppies are comfortable and have a healthy environment in which to grow and develop.
  4. Reducing stress: A clean whelping box can help to reduce stress levels for the mother and puppies, which is important for their overall health and well-being.
  5. Providing a safe environment: A hygienic whelping box can help to prevent the puppies from ingesting waste or coming into contact with harmful substances that could cause health problems.

Why is this task so challenging?

  • Constantly picking up messy puppy pads
  • Cleaning & mopping the floors
  • Keeping areas and puppies clean for potential puppy buyers
  • Loads of laundry for bedding & washable pads
  • Ensuring the whelping box is always sanitary

There are several products Breeders use to provide a clean, designated area for the messiest part of their daily routine. These include; disposable or washable puppy pads, newspapers, litter, or pellets.

Traditionally, these items work well but also have inherent problems; for example, pellets or litter can leave the puppy coats dirty, creating extra work in getting the puppies ready for socialization visits.

In addition, all of these items require Breeders to regularly toss out these materials and then properly sanitize the area. Recently, however, advancements have been made with automated solutions that can assist breeders in creating this designated “potty” area and cleaning it.

These include artificial or real grass-based solutions, which still require daily manual cleansing, and also a completely automated (& wi-fi enabled) self-cleaning pad-based solution by BrilliantPad that has proven to save Breeders time and money. In addition, for smaller dogs (under 25 lbs.), it allows Breeders to send their pups to their new homes completely housebroken!

As a Breeder, what solutions are you using in your whelping box to maintain proper hygiene? We’d love to hear your best tips–drop us a note at [email protected].


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