Life With Dogs

Living With the Newfoundland Dog

Learn more about living with a Newfoundland dog; personality, temperament, nutrition, health, and everything ...

brown brittany dog in nature

Life With a Brittany Dog – Characteristics & Behavior

Find out how life with Brittany dogs looks like in this article that covers ...

Azawakh Dog – Breed Info & Characteristics

Azawakh dog breed information. Learn more about the breed's origin and purpose, appearance, colors, ...

German Pinscher

The Vivacious German Pinscher Personality

German Pinscher standard characterizes the breed as having a vivacious personality. They are spirited ...

Group of 11 Harrier hounds dogs sitting and standing on the grass, hound group

Harrier Dog Breed – Characteristics and Traits

Harrier dogs are very social and people-oriented, but behind their soft eyes is a ...

Life with Leonberger

Life with Leonberger - What are Leonbergers like to live with? Back in the ...

What’s So Special About The Lhaso Apso Personality?

The Lhasa Apso personality is unique and prized by those who love the breed. ...

Decades In Dogs | Memories With Our ‘Best Friends’

Decades In Dogs | Memories With Our ‘Best Friends’

Memories With Our ‘Best Friends’ - Do your non-doggy friends find it strange that ...

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