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Let’s Go to a Dog Show | A Poem by Dan Sayers

Let’s Go to a Dog Show


Morning breaks softly and all is quiet,
Except for the dogs that pace to and fro,
They bark with delight, sounds like a riot,
Each voice pleading, “Let’s go to a dog show.”

Load up the van and bring the good luck charm,
Fill up the tank and head out for the day,
Up in the distance, and just past the farm,
A sign welcomes travelers: Dog Show Today.

Unloading, unpacking, setting things up,
Dogs are in ex-pens, the coffee’s still hot,
With ring times confirmed and arm bands picked-up,
Just getting started, let’s see what we’ve got.

Open Dogs, please, in catalog order,
Time to find out if today is the day,
Stand for examine, then gait ‘round the border,
First place it is. A blue ribbon, no way!

The entry has held, a five-point major,
Better stay cool, this is no time to sweat,
The judge; all business, a real old stager,
Winners Dog and Breed. Wow, what an upset!

Ribbon in hand and show photo taken,
Back to the set-up to take off those shoes,
A treat for the dog; cheese, egg and bacon,
Lunch for the handler; call home with the news.

Already started, the Groups, don’t you know,
Time to get ready, go for a potty,
The top dogs are here, and they’re all aglow,
It’s anyone’s game: Peke, Chow or Scottie.

Last Group is sorted and placements are made,
Fourth to a rare breed, a win well-deserved,
A Bred-By is Third, sure glad that she stayed,
Second’s a top-dog, the handler’s perturbed.

The dog in First Place sure is a standout,
Cheers erupt from the crowd gathered ringside,
The judge is pleased, a rosette she hands-out,
Photo and thank you, just beaming with pride.

A deep breath and smile, it’s now time for Best,
Applause, applause breaks out from the masses,
The moment is now, no time to get stressed,
Look at that, Best in Show from the classes!

Jumping and wagging, this dog has it all,
Charm, type, charisma, style and movement,
Gorgeous, for sure, but sometimes a screwball,
Even now, there’s still room for improvement

This day was 19 years in the making,
Some highs and some lows, with blood, sweat and tears,
The journey was tough, truly painstaking,
Today is worth every one of those years.

The dogs are all packed, time to get going,
A three hour drive, should be home by nine,
Dogs are asleep, the driver is glowing,
Sometimes in this life, the stars just align.

Dogs and dog people, a winning combo,
Say it out loud, “Let’s go to a dog show!”

Let’s Go to a Dog Show
A Poem by Dan Sayers