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The Bubble: We Can -and Should- Do Better

Uncover the truth behind declining show dogs. Delve into challenges faced by breeders and ...

Peanut Butter Dog Treats

Peanut Butter Dog Treats

Delight your pup with homemade peanut butter dog treats. Easy, healthy, and irresistible. Share ...

A girl with a dog jumping in the air.

Taking the Leap of Faith

Explore the challenges faced by novice dog owners with helicopter breeders. Learn more about ...

A black and white Biewer Terrier with long hair.

Judging the Biewer Terrier

Unlock the world of Biewer Terrier characteristics with insights on color standards and a ...

A litter of Russian Toy puppies in various colors.

Characteristics of the Russian Toy

Discover Russian Toy dog characteristics: square build, coat types, vibrant temperament, elegance, intelligence!

A black and white drawing of a Pekingese dog with a tail.

Pekingese Tail Carriage

Pekingese Tail Carriage: Tribute to Nigel Aubrey-Jones' devotion, exploring breed character through tail indicators.

Three dressed up pugs sitting at the National Dog Show.

Benchwarmers – People & Purebreds Connect at the National Dog Show

Experience the bond between people & purebred dogs at the National Dog Show. Witness ...