Miscellaneous Class

The breeds currently eligible to participate in the Miscellaneous Class are still enrolled in the AKC Foundation Stock Service®. FSS® enrollment is maintained until the AKC Board of Directors accepts the breed for regular status. Authorities acknowledge that throughout the world there are several hundred distinct breeds of purebred dogs, not all of which are AKC recognized breeds. Those officially recognized for AKC registration appear in the Stud Book of the American Kennel Club. The AKC provides for a regular path of development for a new breed, which may result in that breed’s full recognition and appearance in the official Stud Book as an AKC recognized breed.Less

Portuguese Podengos hunting

Portuguese Podengo Dog – Hunting Hound

Using both sight and scent to find its prey, you would typically find Portuguese ...

Lancashire heeler dog standing on the grass

What is a Lancashire Heeler?

Lancashire Heelers are the smallest breed in the Herding Group, originally bred to move ...

Inside the Miscellaneous Class

We asked the following questions to people breeding and showing dogs in The Miscellaneous Class. ...

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