Form Follows Function

physical exam of a dog

Form Follows Function Part Six: The Hands on Exam 2

Discover the essentials of a thorough physical examination of a dog in Part Two ...

Assessment of Dog's Structure & Movement - Figure 1A. With Angulation

Form Follows Function: Part Four of a Series

Learn about evaluating canine conformation and purposeful movement in this comprehensive guide to understanding ...

Form Follows Function – Part 2: Canine Structure and Movement

Learn the canine skeletal structure and movement. Discover how to preserve essential breed characteristics ...

German Shepherd Dog herding sheep

Form Follows Function: Part One of a Series

Explore the relationship between form and function in the world of dog breeding, in ...

Figure 7. Rear Feet

Form Follows Function: Toes Up!

The feet are the foundation on which the dog is built. Just as the ...

German Shorthaired pointer

A Closer Look At The Canine Front

The correct shoulder assembly varies from breed to breed. This variation depends upon the ...

Balance in the Canine

What is meant by “balance” in the dog? The AKC defines it as “When ...

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